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Warning! Not all supplements are created equal.

woman-looking-at-supplements-in-storeDo you want to feel better?

Supplements, when used correctly, really do make people feel better.

But using supplements correctly means knowing what’s in the bottles…

Did you know:

You cannot tell how effective a supplement is just by looking at the label.

It’s true.

Two supplement bottles with the same ingredients lists could have very different levels of safety and effectiveness.

There are several factors that can affect the quality of different supplements, even if the labels are identical:


  • Have ingredients been diluted at some point in the manufacturing process?
  • Are there other chemicals in the bottle that aren’t listed and might cause harm?


  • Are the active ingredients bonded with compounds that will allow your body to use them?
  • Do the active ingredients actually make it to the right parts of your body?


  • Have ingredients been exposed to heat, humidity, cold, or contamination?
  • Have ingredients undergone proper quality control at all points in the supply chain?


  • Very different molecules with distinct properties can appear on bottles under the same name.
  • Even if studies have shown a compound to be medically useful, the compound in the bottle may be vastly different from the one in the study, even if it has the same name.


  • Compounds can combine to have new effects that neither had on its own.
  • Mindfulness of this synergy will maximize positive effects and create new ones.
  • Ignorance or apathy towards this synergy can result in the neutralization of positive effects, or worse, the addition of negative ones.

When you shop at our online supplement store, Creating Health, we guarantee that all of these factors have been accounted for. We use safe, pure and potent compounds to help your body work with you, not against it. Our formulas are 100% compliant with what is listed on the label and our products meet or exceed FDA GMP quality standards. We are supported by science and backed by industry experts who have helped us create these products for people just like you!

So what are you waiting for?
Get the healthy life you deserve.

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